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My interest in minerals began as a young child and over the years has grown into my passion. At the age of five, whenever I went to the park or on a hike or to the beach with my family, I would fill my pockets with unusually shaped, colored, or textured stones. My Uncle gave me my first “real” mineral that he found on a hike in California. For Special Occasions my parents always give me a rock from a local rock shop. When my grandparents returned from trips to Mexico, where they collected fire agates and fire opals, I would watch Papa Polish them. At Seven years of age, I visited the Museum of Natural History in New York City with my Mom, and purchased my first natural crystal specimen – a citrine from Brazil.

After finishing high school, I entered college with the expectation of becoming an architect. Unfortunately, I made some poor choices which took me down the wrong path. I paid the consequences and came out the other side committed to turn things around and be a strong role model for my son.

Through hard work and determination I have built six of the world’s greatest private collections. I specialize in beryl, tourmalines and fluorites. The photo gallery on my websites shows a small sampling of the numerous world class specimens I have handled.

My focus is to help collectors assemble the collection of their dreams. I have structured my business to provide exquisite and irreplaceable minerals at competitive prices. It is important to me that the people I represent are as knowledgeable and passionate about their collections as I am about mine. It is with great pride that I strive to build lifelong relationships with my clients. My intense fascination and reverence for the unparalleled beauty and origin of minerals, is something I love to share with others.

Thank you to all the people who have believed in me, supported by dreams and stood by me. I will never forget your guidance and encouragement. I am forever grateful.

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